Wednesday, October 20, 2021

【#1133】Do you like scary movies?


- Tivoli Inc - Kioshi Tattoo -  EvoX - BOM Only @Mainstore 

E-Clipse Design. LaFollia Red Undie @ Mainstore

Amataria - Set "Kamila" (Harness, Sleeves & Pasties ) @ Mainstore

Junk Food - Screech Movie Set @ Epiphany

 Grab this interactive set that includes some scary decor. Screech TV, Cordless Phone, Kaboom Popcorn, Knife, & VHS tapes. 

Click the open popcorn package for popcorn to share, and also includes a popcorn to click and 'make' by clicking to go from closed to fully popped!

Also includes left/right mirrored poses for the Cordless Phones & Popcorn aluminum pans!

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